Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet Potato Cream soup with a side of honey greek yogurt

Today I tried the whole 'make it now but can use it later too' type of recipe. I usually tend to make everything super fresh. That means cutting the veggies right before cooking and perhaps even grinding my spices while the butter is melting over the hot stove.

I had bought some organic sweet potatoes which I ended up freezing due to a long overseas trip. So finally that I am back and don't want to waste these sweeties what I ended up doing was pressure cooking all the potatoes by drowning them in water over high heat and giving them two whistles. Once they were done I just jarred and refrigerated it.

Cooked sweet potato jarred away for later use

Fresh cream, Cinnamon powder, and butter

Himalayan salt or sea salt

Less than a pinch of cayenne paprika powder
It's very important to expand a baby's palette by offering him various spices in mildness and this will help him later in developing tastes for different cuisines.

Less than a pinch of powdered peppercorn

On low heat warm some butter and add chopped onions.

Add the dash of cream, cinnamon powder to taste, salt, the rest of the spices and heat up the soup in low to medium heat.

Keep some yummy honey greek yogurt out of the refrigerater (so it's not too cold for baby because overly hot or overly cold food can become hard on the taste buds - we want baby to distinguish flavors in warm or room temperature food).

Beautiful sweet potato cream soup with your side of greek yogurt


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