Sunday, July 31, 2011

Parmigiano Reggiano Mac and pan-sauteed veggies with cumin

Today I quickly boiled some macaroni in some sea salt water and let it become very very soft and tender.

Then in a flat pan I sauteed small diced carrots and zucchini with some olive oil and a sprinkle of himalayan salt and cumin.

Arnav simply loved it and preferred to eat it with his own hands. And that's where you want to be mommies when your little one is about a year old. You want to train them to eat on their own and this peaks their interest too and keeps them occupied enough for you to sneak in a few more bites of those nutritious meals..:)

I didn't get to take any pictures. When you are a mommy and your house is on sale and you have re-entered the work force and the house hasn't been vaccummed - you do what I do. You skip the photographing! :)

Hope you mommies will just take the recipe this time. 

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